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Following the recent redevelopment, St. Enoch Centre has been determined to balance the Centre’s growth with reducing its carbon footprint and boosting its green credentials.

To achieve this, the Centre has adopted a Corporate Responsibility and Social Action plan which has since seen it become Scotland’s most sustainable shopping centre.

Zero Waste

In 2006, St. Enoch Centre set out to become 100% waste to landfill free within a five year period and successfully achieved this status at the start of 2011.

All waste including food, cardboard, wood and metal, is separated on site using waste compactors. Food court waste is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant which converts it into gas, electricity, compost and fuel blocks.

In addition to the significant environmental gains of being 100% waste to landfill free, the Centre also saves money every year on landfill tax and waste disposal charges.

Carbon Trust Standard

In 2010, St. Enoch Centre was awarded a Carbon Trust Standard after reducing its carbon emissions by more than 500 tonnes over the three year period 2007 – 2010. The Carbon Trust Standard certifies organisations for achieving real carbon reduction and aims to inspire and encourage all organisations to measure, manage and reduce their emissions.

Recycling Facilities

St. Enoch was the first shopping centre in Glasgow to take part in the RecycleZone scheme – a partnership between Coca-Cola Enterprises, WRAP Scotland and RECOUP – which allows the public to deposit cans, plastic bottles, paper and general waste for recycling. The scheme is helping to reduce Scotland’s environmental footprint whilst increasing public awareness of recycling in the city centre.

Green Transport

St. Enoch offers charging bays in its car park for drivers of electric vehicles to recharge for free while visiting the mall. These parking bays offer a convenient service for visitors whilst also helping to raise awareness of greener forms of transport.

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